Hotel Palenque, 1973 (2011)

Stefan Van Eycken

quatuor à cordes et six percussions

Commande: Quatuor Bozzini, Slagwerkgroup Den Haag


  • 12 Nov 2011 15h00
    Adriaansz | Kondo | Tenney | Van Eycken


  • 17 Nov 2011 20h15
    Adriaansz | Kondo | Tenney | Van Eycken

Notes de programme

[traduction française non disponible]

Hotel Palenque, 1973 was inspired by Robert Smithson’s lecture/slide-show/fictional narrative/publication Hotel Palenque. “During a trip to Mexico in 1969, Smithson photographed an old, eccentrically constructed hotel, which was undergoing a cycle of simultaneous decay and renovation. Smithson used these images in a lecture presented to architecture students at the University of Utah in 1972, in which he humorously analyzed the centerless, “de-architecturalized” site.” (Nancy Spector) My composition attempts to extend Smithson’s fictional narrative by imagining the site of the hotel the year after. Never having been to Mexico, let alone the hotel in question, the image — and the sound of it — owes as much as to the place where I live (Tokyo) and the conditions under which the piece happened to be written (during an extremely hot and humid summer), as to the actual Hotel Palenque and what it may have been like in 1973. But then again, maybe one can only imagine that which is unfamiliar.