Claudia Molitor

  • Allemagne, 1974
  • Compositrice

[traduction française non disponible]

Claudia Molitor is a composer/artist whose work draws on traditions of music and sound practices but also extends to video, performance and fine art. Her work often becomes a site where conventions of notation and performance, and qualifications and hierarchies of listening and seeing are explored. Considering the possibilities presented by the spaces between notions of artistic disciplines is central to her work.

Claudia’s work is regularly commissioned, performed and broadcast throughout Europe, working for example with Wien Modern, hcmf//, Spor, Tete a Tete, BBC Proms, Tate Britain, Electra Productions, Sonica, Turner Contemporary and Cryptic.

She often works collaboratively with artist from different artistic backgrounds and from around the world and is lecturer of music at the University of Kent, where she will launch the inaugural interdisciplinary festival, TöNE, in June.

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