Déjà? Kojâ? (2011-16)

Gyula Csapó

string quartet

Commission: Quatuor Bozzini, with support from the CCA


  • 1. Prima Parte
  • 2. Seconda Parte
  • 3. Terza Parte

Program Notes

The title is a mix of French and Persian. Already? Where to? could be its English rendering… The work is epic in a peculiar sense: instead of relating events, it is the suffering subject and object of them. I allowed it to do that, so it may shape up to perfection, this was a great chance, the only chance. Like a child pulling after her or him some toy vehicle across no matter what terrain; we know that it surely will be impacted by the arbitrary journey — I was fascinated by these tracesof events as a composer. Because nothing ever just ‘passes’, nothing ever remains sterile. The music records everything that ever happened — it is in such sense that I mean, that it is an epic work…”