Yuka Shibuya

string quartet, and shō

Commission: Quatuor Bozzini

Program Notes

This work was composed for Quatuor Bozzini and Ko Ishikawa and was premiered in Tokyo, Japan in 2014. It consists of 7 short pieces and is played in the order of I-IIa-IIIa-I-IIIb-IIb-I. By placing pieces like folding screens, I intend to realize a sense of time without direction, the juxtaposition of sounds, and time through the accumulation of sound. The premiere in Japan was held in the tea room inside the garden of the National Museum. It was September, but it was still a very hot day. The concert was held in a Japanese-style room with all the shoji (sliding paper and wood doors) open. While playing my piece, the sound of insects in the garden and the calls of crows flying in the sky overlapped with the music. While I was composing, I expected that such a moment would come on the day of the concert. I was very satisfied with the space that appeared at this time. Today I am looking forward to playing this piece again in Canada by them.