• 6 May 2001 11:00 am
    Feldman | Pisaro | Wolff
  • 3 Oct 2004 4:00 pm
    Ny Musik — Fall 2004
    Frey | Hallnäs | Wolff

Program Notes

Written for Jürg Frey, this piece has eight parts, “songs.” Here again (as in, for instance, Burdocks, Long Peace March and Ruth) I’ve been interested, formally, in patchwork structure, collection and juxtaposition of sometimes quite disparate materials and continuities which somehow hang together without losing their individual identities. The basic material for the music is various, mostly worked in a variety of counterpoints: some abstract, some song-related, including a Black freedom song (The Drinking Gourd), a Black prison song (Almost done), a United States nineteenth century “Social Harp” three-part song (Liberty), and a fifteenth century chanson attributed to Ockeghem (Malheur me bat). I first learned about this last song through an allusive quotation of it in Luigi Nono’s String Quartet. The Aarau Songs are also dedicated to his memory and because of my admiration of his work.