Michael Oesterle

  • Ulm, Germany, 1968
  • Composer • Performer (electric guitar)

Michael Oesterle is a freelance Canadian composer. He composes music for the concert hall. His music has been performed and commissioned by orchestras, ensembles, chamber musicians and soloists. Occasionally his music is used by choreographers, animation artists, and for film projects.


On Disc

  • This third recording of the collection qb presents Clemens Merkel, violinist of Bozzini Quartet, in l’hiver monastique — 70 consolations harmoniques by Montréal composer Michael Oesterle…
  • Moving freely from avant-garde events to traditional concerts, the Bozzini Quartet was characterized by the Irish Times as a “group which gets its teeth into music: quiet or loud, fast or slow, these Canadian musicians play with compelling engagement…