In & Out

Mayke Nas

Sent on a blind date during the summer of 2011 by a program for the Dutch Television (NTR Podium Première), the first sketch of ’In & Out’ came to life. Three composers were coupled with three ensembles to realise a new piece within 12 hours while being filmed by television cameras. The Ragazze Quartet turned out to be two quartets for the price of one. String quartet as well as vocal quartet: love at first sight.

In ’In & Out’ a shadow quartet of four voices accompanies the four string instruments. The strings are doubled with the soft humming of their own voices. Initially the quartet of voices is almost literally and unnoticeably a shadow part, but the shadow part starts to lead it’s own life along the way.

In & Out

  • Mayke Nas
  • Year of composition: 2011
  • Instrumentation: string quartet


25 Apri 2020
8:00 pm
Série QB
Montréal (Québec)