Bozzini Quartet

Sounds of Music 2016


  • string quartet
    • 1. With Great Tenderness • Avec une grande tendresse (dolcissimo)
    • 2. The Spirit Calls: Dualism, Ambivalence, Conflict • L’appel de l’esprit: dualisme, ambivalence, conflit (drammatico)
    • 3. The Soul Awakens… • L’âme se réveille… (con transparenza)
    • 4. … and Falls Once More Into Pathos, But Now With a Sense of Imminent Release • … et tombe de nouveau dans le pathos mais maintenant avec un pressentiment de la libération (con tristezza)
    • 5. Liberation, Catharsis • Libération, catharsis
  • string quartet
  • string quartet
    Commission: Quatuor Bozzini, with support from the CCA
  • string quartet

In the Press

  • Review
    “The comtemplatieve stacking of musical layers, the extremely long lyrical lines, interrupted by great silences, the tones were sometimes detained for half a minute, all in concentration brought by the musicians: it was an inexpressible and indefinable experience.”


By Job Van Schaik